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The European Programme and Curriculum
Last modified: March, 1999

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Participation in the LEAD-Europe Programme
began in 1996. At present, there are 47 Associates from 20 countries
in Central and Western Europe.

Overview of the Curriculum

The LEAD-Europe Curriculum is presently under development. In broad outline it establishes the environment-development problematique and then moves to specific issues. In the light of these, new visions are evolved and instruments of change sought to achieve these visions. Appropriate methodological approaches are brought to bear on these elements of the Programme, interlinkages are stressed and a systems approach developed.

The Problematique

Development - Environment - the Biosphere and Resources. Sustainability Concept.
System drivers: Population, Life Style, Technological Options, Economic Choices, Social Perceptions, Economic Growth.

Specific Issues

Resource Availability and Use; Pollution; Common Property; Trade; Environmental Security; Migration; Urbanisation; Industrialisation; Climate Change; Ozone Depletion; Health.


Ethics, Culture and Religion; Visions and Scenarios; Current and New Paradigms; Needs vs. Aspirations; Civic Society and Governance; Social Perception and Acceptance.

Instruments of Change

The Economic Basis; Tax Systems; Labour; Capital and Resources; World Trade, Pricing and the Market Institutions; Legal Systems; Technological Capacities; Energy Efficiency; Materials Intensity; Policies and Planning.

Methodological Approach

Choice and Economics; Societal Behavior; the Market; Regulation; Governance Systems; Other Instruments; Decision Analysis and Conflict Resolution.


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