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Every year, LEAD-Europe invites candidates for a new group of mid-career professionals, whom it will support with training individually and as a group of "LEAD-Europe Associates" over a two-year period. At any point in time, LEAD-Europe assists therefore two groups of Associates separately but also fosters co-operation between all present and former Associates in all LEAD programmes. A considerable network of potential future leaders in many walks of life is being built up. The aim is that these leaders will help to establish sustainable development actions globally to replace much of the more profligate and environmentally damaging practices currently in place.

World-wide over 600 professionals are currently collaborating with LEAD. At present, LEAD-Europe brings together a group of 32 LEAD-Europe Associates. LEAD-Europe will maintain the balance between industry, media, government, academia and NGOs within each group of Associates, as part of the didactic approach oriented towards the inter-sectoral dialogue. The following tables show their institutional affiliation and their professional positions:


Imre Biczó Hu Marketing director at chemical company, Rhône-Poulenc Hungary
Delia.Dimitriu Ro Head of Environment in Tarom Airlines
M.G.Matei Ro Director research department in utility company
Igor.Mitroczuk Pl Director Polish Chamber of Commerce
E.Papadopoulo Gr Operations Manager SME marine pollution
G.Papafotiou Gr Manager national railway company, track direction
Boris.Velikov.Petkov Bg Energy efficiency specialist Bechtel Consulting Corp.
Hans.Smeets Nl Director for environment in KLM Airlines
Stratis.Telloglou Gr Director technology planning Industry Federation
Marina.Wagner De Head of regional waste utility company
Roger.Barbosa Dk Policy assistant health care provision with WHO Europe office
Andre.deBoer Nl Programme manager for Njimengen municipality
Stavroula.Pouli Gr Program Associate Environment Ministry, conventions, EU cooperation
Bassam.Shalan Pal Research assistant for Palestinian Environmental Authority
Albena.Simeonova Bg Vice chair of Bulgarian Green Federation
M.Symvoulidou Gr Program Associate Environment Ministry, energy conservation
Turid.Helene.Troenboel No Senior examiner at patent office
Eyad.Araj Pal Research assistant at Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
Nicola.Colonna It Junior agronomist ENEA (Nat. Agency for Technology, Energy, Env.)
Marin.Ignatov Bg Consultant for environmental management, Nat. Academy of Sciences
Anders Hagfeldt Sw Assistant Professor for physical chemistry at Uppsalla University
Matthew.Wilkinson Uk Instructor at Central European University, Hungary
Volker Angres D Head of Environment Department at National TV (ZDF)
Dorota.Chmielowiec Pl Coordinator Environmental Partnership, NGO-business co-operation
C.Coinstantinoaia Ro Advisor to trade union CNSLR-FRATIA, health, safety expert in industry
Andrea.Déri Hu Project director Eurasia at Int. Institute for Sustainable Communities
Katja.Firus D Project coordinator Int. Network for Env. Mgmt. (INEM-Germany)
Zsuzsa.Foltányi Hu Director Environmental Partnership engineer, journalist, NGO relations
Anja.Köhne D EU-coordinator in D. Naturschutzring, publishing newsletters
Melita.Rogelj Slov Project officer Regional Environmental Centre Hungary
Tomás.Ruzicka Cz Manager Environmental Partnership, NGO relations
Boris.Strecansky Sk Director in training NGO environment workshops for NGOs, local govt

Average age: 34, Countries represented: 16

Over a longer period, the selection will result in an even distribution of Associate origin amongst all European countries and all sectors of society. The foremost criteria being the professional potential of an individual, LEAD-Europe does not maintain an even distribution within each group. LEAD-Europe continues to look for leadership talent, irrespective of the direct professional context.

Associate Profiles

To demonstrate the diversity amongst the previous careers of these Associates, ten short descriptions will give an impression of their motivation to join LEAD-Europe:

Institutions represented in other LEAD programmes:

World-wide, around 70 Associates come from Federal ministries in major countries as well as Kyrghyz, Altai Republic and Moldova, but also from regional governments from Alberta to Shanghai Municipality and from the Province of the Eastern Cape to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Over 110 Associates come from major research and teaching institutions from Bejing University to the Colegío de Mexico, and an equal number of Associates come from NGOs, from the WWF to Physicians for Global Survival.

To demonstrate the diversity of the institutional affiliation, the following tables present the commercial institutions who have encouraged their employees through participation in LEAD:

Europe and North America
Aeroflot Amoco Canada Petroleum Bechtel Corp. Biotec USA
BonPige GmbH (German-Azerbaijan) Coca-Cola Coopers & Lybrand Dames and Moore
DuPont Canada Eli Lilly Canada The Financial Post Freeman Rodgers Battaglia Inc.Canada
Guinness plc ICF Kaiser Servicios Ambientales SA Imperial Oil KLM Airlines
Int.Road Transport Co. La Jornada Mexico Loblaw Co. Canada Monet Confectionary
National Grocers Co. Nestlé Noranda Sales Corp.Canada Ontario Hydro
Owens, Wright, Barristers&Solicitors Pharma Plus Drugmart Inc.Canada Reuters Rhône-Poulenc
S.M.Group Int.Inc. TAROM Airlines Volkswagen de Mexico ZDF (German TV)
Beijing No.2 Automobile Works Bharat Petroleum Corp. Bhilai Steel Plant China Dahua Energy Corp
China Securities Chinese Science News China Raw Silk Import/Export Corp Cochin Refineries
Engro Chemical Pakistan Hoechst Raui Chemicals Huaseng Coal Corp Indian Dyestuff Ind.
Indian Petrochemicals Corp ICI Pakistan Joint-Stock Bank "Inkombank"Russia Media Indonesia
M/S Oil India Ltd National Thermal Power Corp Nippon Steel Corp North Eastern Electric Power Corp.
PIA airlines P.T.Dwitunggal Intisakti Indonesia Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia Sante Uzbekistan
Shelkovy Put Russia State Economic and Trade Commission China Sterlite Industries Sumstar Group
TATA Iron and Steel Co The Telegraph (India) Television Pendidikan The Times of India
Tokyo Electric Power Co. Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd. Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Co. UNDP-Asia Pacific 200
World Bank China Yutian Co. China    
South America and Africa
ABB Brazil African Bank Ltd. South Africa An Consultores SA Churchgate Group Nigeria
Commerce Bank Lagos Globo Network Brazil The Guardian News Lever Brother Nigeria
National Risk Fund plc Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank Nigeria National Petroleum Corp. Oefkay Investments Ltd
Quimicas SA Brazil Ripasa SA Pulp and Paper Salgema Industrias Shell Brazil

A comprehensively searchable database of all LEAD Associates and LEAD Members with position, skills, contact information, etc., is available only through LEADNet at the LEAD International Website.

Selected Candidates:


The European Steering Committee selects the Associates from a pre-screened group of candidates during the month of June every year. LEAD-Europe is open to candidates from all European countries and keeping in mind the differences in economic structure, the diversity within a group of Associates is crucial. Institutional factors do result in different criteria to judge the career of a candidate. A professional trajectory in a large corporation is quite different from a career in a grass-roots NGO. Thus there is no single uniformly applied criteria for the selection.


Candidates must be ready to attend three residential training sessions per year (10 days each), for which they are expected to get paid leave from their employers, and participate in various electronic distance learning sessions. Every year, two residential sessions gather the European Associates, and the world-wide LEAD session brings all Associates to Costa Rica in the first year as an Associate and to Zimbabwe during the second year. A candidate commits him/herself to participate over the full two years. Failing to attend a training event is only accommodated in severe circumstances.

Number of candidates:

LEAD-Europe does not intend to have a large group of candidates. But unfortunately, there is a trade-off between the number of similar candidates rejected and the diversity of the accepted candidates. The cause for this trade-off is the composition of the group of Associates. Since not all candidates come from the same professional background or country in the relative numbers in which they are presented amongst the chosen Associates, there is always the kind of candidate who, for example, has more potential than another, but comes from a country or background which is not yet represented in the group. Because the group diversity is important, the selection has to weigh these other factors against variations in the candidate's potential.


Costs should be covered by the employer in the case of West Europeans from commercial organisations but not from governmental or non-governmental organisations. For these, LEAD-Europe provides funding, as well as for Eastern European Associates. The full cost per Associates amounts to 30,000 Swiss Francs per year.

Programme announcements:

LEAD uses a variety of strategies to find suitable candidates. Specialised magazines, newsletters and the Internet are used for advertisements, but no large circulation media. Furthermore, LEAD approaches outstanding institutions and individuals asking for suggestions. This is particularly suitable given the larger number of countries LEAD-Europe covers. Within the narrower field of sustainable development, LEAD-Europe uses in-house judgment on professional merit and offers the participation to particularly talented individuals. Since the candidates come from very different professional fields, LEAD-Europe also relies on competent advice from other types of institutions. Therefore, all individuals who see the programme's relevance for their career are encouraged to apply, whether they have been recommended or not.

Application procedures:

Applications are received in February - April each year. There are no standard forms to be used. The applicants can present themselves in the format they judge appropriate and provide all evidence they see as relevant. Normal requirements are:

Candidates are selected based on their record of accomplishments and achievements, the essay, references as provided and on occasion an interview. Based on that information, summary profiles of the candidates are reviewed by the European Steering Committee who then appoints the Associates. Applications can be submitted by letter, Fax or Email. Additional evidence, references or an interview can be requested for the pre-screening and for the final decision by the Steering Committee.

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