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Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) were the precursors to the Clean Development Mechanism.  The first generation of AIJ projects started in the mid 1990s in Eastern Europe, for example in Děčín Czech Republic and in Buzau Rumania.  AIJ was generally a successful policy experiment.  LEAD-Europe wanted to draw attention to it and use the in-situ observation of an AIJ project as training method.  In 1999, 45 LEAD Associates from India, Russia and across Europe visited the AIJ project site in Buzau and linked the practical concerns to the policy intentions.
Strikingly, their views reflected their countries’ stakes in climate change. Indian LEAD participants all stressed the absence of benefit sharing negotiation between Switzerland and Romania, the equity dimension, all the Russian LEAD participants saw the potential to upscale such AIJ to all district heating systems in Romania, the sustainability dimension, and the European LEAD participants critiqued the insufficient attention to social benefits.

AIJ in Buzau seen by LEAD participants


From a climate policy perspective, however, this AIJ project had another focus, the metrics of emission reductions.  In the 10 years since, progress on metrics has been painfully slow as the attention relapses to the three views above.

AIJ in Buzau as seen by the investor

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