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A workshop is an effective format for discerning the dynamics of a project and for elaborating a project redesign with project participants.  The first is impossible without the participants’ active engagement in a workshop, for the second participants’ engagement is not sine qua non but it raises the effectiveness of the redesign.  For a typical technical assistance project with 5 to 30 participants and a three year horizon, two days is often sufficient.  The crucial element for the time requirement is the participants’ engagement.  This sequence of the workshop tasks for the participants is often effective:

2 – day schedule: Presentations, Tasks, Results


These workshop and resource persons’ notes can be applied by anybody with sufficient technical assistance experience.  I do not give them to workshop participants but they are evident in my reactions to their inputs:

Workshop results 1 – 4   Embeddedness, Content Process,
Stakeholders, Changing the Interface


The first presentation introduces the scope of the workshop, knowledge components, latent process and related project parameters.  It sets the paths on which participants rediscover their differences.

Introductory presentation


Possible orientations for technology co-operation projects and the feasible objectives, relevant contexts and potential results are defined here explicitely, something I avoid during a workshop because this reduces the interpretation efforts by participants:

General workshop description

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