Thomas Grammig

Each mindmap element leads to an introduction, concepts and project reports.  These reports illustrate my experience and suggest why it can be effective for current state of the art.  All were published or produced for a client or employer.  The dotted lines in the mindmap Gestalt represent linkages between policy and practice.

In 2018, my work was divided equally between a governmental development agency, one consulting company (for DEVCO) and the UNFCCC secretariat (minor work for climate NGOs).  There is some overlap between carbon investor, regulator and policy maker intentions.  The most innovative is a new Standardized Baseline approach
                          Tool29: Determination of standardized baselines for energy-efficient refrigerators and air-conditioners
                  plus        AM0120: Energy-efficient refrigerators and air-conditioners,
         Concept development and sector analysis,                            Synergy or separation of HPMPs and CDM projects
that I initiated, completed and road-tested, and a public water supply emission factor tool (on hold). This RAC SB can serve Art.6.4 and 6.8 accounting.  To demonstrate Air-conditioner or refrigerator GHG mitigation, this SB can be used bottom-up by a manufacturer, a utility or a wholesaler or top-down by a country's Designated National Authority.  EB96 returned the RAC SB for further work and uncecessary monitoring demands were added (known from unusable methodologies such as AM70).  EB97 approved them but more enabling calculations for utility demand-side management might be added via the revision process (in the mindmap under "REFRIGERATORS").  Bilateral offsetting is under "CDM METHODOLOGY SERVICES", with interferences between EU-ETS, Californian CAR, Japanese JCM, Winrock's ACR and future SDM.

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