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Leadership for Sustainability

LEAD-Europe existed between 1996 and 2000, as the European part of the worldwide LEAD programme, incorporated as a foundation in the Canton of Geneva.

Introduction   Curriculum   Participants

Its purpose was to short-circuit the diffusion of sustainable development concepts into decision making in major countries by assisting leaders in the middle of their careers.  Training courses and coaching were focused on individual careers.
Writing these course reports, I hoped to allow the LEAD-Europe participants to criticize these sustainability discovery events.  Leadership was also their mutual support during the events.

Reports from courses I designed:

Geneva          St. Marienthal          Barcelona            Bonn            Buzau           Moldova


Course synopses were:                              Systems thinking in development theory and practice

Risk theories

Globalization and a Sustainable Europe

  Kyoto Protocol   


Trade and environment   

Biodiversity and cultural diversity

The closure of LEAD-Europe was due to a strategic shift in the Rockefeller Foundation, the major funder, to insufficient relations with corporations in Europe and to a generational change when the authors of the Brundtland Report retired.