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Latent Processes


Latent Processes


Professional socialisation, organizational habits and national identities are three separate levels on which communication and knowledge exchanges play out.  On each level, these processes are latent because the individuals inadvertently enact them in their work.  They often become influential and strong for a period but changes in tasks or external events alter their dynamic.  The following introduction gives an overview of the topics and objects at each level, and relates these to types of inquiry and the literature.

Introduction to
Idiosyncrasy, isomorphism and stakeholder relations
Outputs of analysis


Short and concise definitions of the latent processes, their origin and appearance, are difficult.  I have used the following ones to generate questions to participants and these have been effective to discuss among participants, leading to new relations among them.  The definitions are too imprecise to create written accounts that would be useful independent of particular participants.

Latent process account for


Parameters of expert collaboration in an industrial context often allow diverse arrangements and they affect each latent process with varying force.  Parameters and their diverse arrangements are easy to generalize and you might have tested opposing arrangements and found it difficult to understand why they had so much influence or none at all.  Maybe when going through this list, you discover which parameters are independent and which reinforce each other.  In different fields than industry, for example, agriculture or medicine, quite different parameters are relevant. 

Industrial development and socio-cultural processes

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